Top 3 Games for Indian Train Travelers

by on July 15, 2014

Going on a long journey by train? You surely need to think of ways to pass your time. 13 card game is an exciting way to spend time. So, here are a few suggestions that could make your journey much more interesting.

Games to Play on a Train Journey

While travelling can be a lot of fun, there are times when it becomes really dull. Even if you are travelling with friends or family, there are low moments of the trip. And, how much time can you spend looking out of the window! So, here are some simple, yet exciting suggestions to make the journey more fun.

  1. Indian Rummy: This is a classic card game that has kept Indian train travellers engaged for years. If you are travelling in a group, you can get all the people to interact with this game. In case you are travelling alone, the online version of rummy can keep you engaged. And you don’t even need to remember to carry a deck of cards. You can interact with other players online and enjoy the thrill of making the right moves. Opt for a platform that has a mobile version, so that you do not need to download an app that may impact the performance of your phone.
  2. 20 questions: This game requires at least two people. One of them thinks of a famous person and the other one asks questions to guess who the personality is. Since the answers can only be in the form of “yes” and “no”, the questions need to be framed accordingly. For instance, questions like “Have you thought of a male?” or “Is he still alive?” will keep getting you closer to the concerned personality. If the player has not guessed the personality and has completed the 20 questions, he loses. This game can be played by people of all ages. If you’re playing with younger kids, you’ll need to keep in mind which personalities they are aware of.
  3. Join the dots: This game requires a paper and pencil and at least two players. Dots are marked along rows and columns. On your turn, you can draw one line to join two dots, which become one side of a small square. The objective of the game is to create squares. The person who draws the fourth line of the square can put his initials inside the square. The one with the maximum number of squares with their initials wins the game.

So, next time you are on a train journey, or any other journey, don’t forget to play these games. Have a great trip!

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