These masterpieces changed the way the world played online games

by on October 17, 2016

Online games have become one of the most popular hobbies for people from across the world. Access to smartphones, tablets, computers and most importantly, the internet, has opened up the gates of gaming world for us. With the help of internet, users can now play interactive games with their friends online.
There are so many online games today, that it’s not possible to count them all. But we can surely list the best ones from different genres.

1.Need for Speed World (Racing)
The Need for Speed series is one of the best-known and longest-running games. NFSW is a massively multiplayer online racing game created by Electronic Arts. It has plenty of action, excellent graphics, and loads of amazing cars to drive.

2.FIFA 17 (Sports)
EA Sports continues dazzling the world with their most ambitious product, FIFA. The newest FIFA 17 is faster, more realistic, smoother and graphically superior version of the previous game. There are millions of FIFA lovers that play this game online.

3.RummyCircle (Card)
Rummy is arguably the best form of 13 card game. Hugely a skill-based card game, Indian rummy is also the most entertaining one. You can play rummy on various online platforms and RummyCircle provides the best experience. Popularity of this online game is growing exponentially, thanks to the real cash players can win playing the game on RummyCircle.

4.Counter-Strike: Global Offence (Action)
This multiplayer first-person shooter video game still holds the top spot among action games. It may not be the fanciest of all, but the exceptional game play sets Counter-Strike apart from others.

5.Temple Run (Running)
Launched in 2011, this endless running mobile megahit has over a zillion downloads. Be it exhilarating jumps, slides or a demon chasing you, Temple Run has got it all to be a classic running game.

From NFSW to RummyCircle to Temple Run, you’ve got to try them all. We assure you, they’re worth it. Download rummy game from RummyCircle to play rummy on mobile.

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