RummyCircle changed my perception

by on February 12, 2016

It was like just another day, I was sitting on my Sofa, searching through the TV channels, when the news pops up saying Supreme Court gave some verdict that Indian Rummy is a game of skills than a game of luck. I was shocked how can Supreme Court give such verdicts?

I decided to read the details of the verdict and look for the loopholes that the government left in the case, just to calm that curious Sherlock side of mine. When I went through ‘Card Game’ and ‘Indian Rummy’ on the search engine, I came across 2 names more than anything else; those were Online Rummy and RummyCircle. The curious Sherlock was jumping inside me for proofs and everything that is against the rummy game.

I opened the site Rummycircle, saw people’s reviews, judged them and just to prove my point right, I registered and played to see how can Supreme Court call it a game of skills? As I am a bit familiar with the Rummy tips, it didn’t take me long to get to its tune. I kept playing using the math and kept winning. Winning makes you feel good and change your perception I think.

Rummy on RummyCircle put my brain on exercise which made me dependent on my skills only and not the luck factor. And you won’t believe how the tricks and tips provided on the site work like cheat codes. The more you play it, the more you get its grip and you like it more and more.

I don’t see rummy as a bad habit or an illegal activity anymore. My personal experience on RummyCircle helped me to develop the right kind of perception about the game.

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