Rummy Rules

Playing Rummy doesn’t require you to be a rocket scientist, its just that you have to apply some skills and logics and you can be a rummy rock star for sure:

Rummy Rule number 1: Cards, Joker and Players

Rummy is played with a single pack of 52 cards without any printed joker. When you buy a pack of cards from the market, it usually carry two printed joker but those printed jokers are not used in a rummy game as per rummy rules.

Rummy Rule number 2: Deal, Draw, Discard and Turns

A high card draw is done and the player who gets the higher card plays first. 13 cards are distributed to each player and the remaining cards are kept aside which become the draw pile. After distribution of 13 cards, the next card becomes the open card. This open card becomes the first card of the discard pile and when a player discards a card, it goes in this discard pile.

On a turn, a player has to either pick a card from the draw pile or the discard pile. After using the card, the player discards one card which goes in the discard pile. The opponent can pick that card unless its a joker that you mistakenly discard.

Rummy Rule number 3: Points

All the number cards i.e. 2-10 carry the points as per their number. Ace and the face cards like King, Queen and Jack carry 10 points each.

Rummy Rule number 4: Sequence and Sets

If you arrange three or more consecutive cards of the same suit, a sequence is formed. A sequence can also be made by using a Joker. For example you have 6 and 8 of hearts you can use the Joker and declare it as 7 of hearts.

A set is formed by three or four cards of the same number. For example, you can make a set with three or four kings.

Rummy Rules number 5: Joker

A Joker is randomly decide before the beginning of any game and you can use that Joker as any other card to form sequences and sets. For example, the card drawn is 4 of spades, then the other three 4s (hearts, clubs and diamonds) become the Joker for that game. As mentioned above, according to authentic rummy rules of 13 card game , printed jokers are not used in a 13 cards rummy game.

To finish a rummy game i.e. when you declare that you have made all sequences and sets with your 13 cards, you must have at least one sequence without the Joker. Such a sequence is called pure sequence.

Rummy Rule number 6: Drop a game (also known as Pack)

If you think that you have got really bad cards and it is going to be really difficult for you to win, you can DROP from that game too. In some parts of the world, DROP is also called as PACK. By using the Drop option, you get some points and the opponent becomes the winner for that particular game. One can only DROP the game before playing even a single turn.

Rummy Rule number 7: Show or Declare

When you are done with making sequences and/or sets with the 13 cards, you can show with the extra (14th) card. After declaring, you have to show your sequences and sets and your cards are validated per the rummy rules your show is considered valid and you win that rummy game.

These rummy rules may not guarantee that you will win every rummy game but over a period of time you will definitely be able to increase your winning percentage.