Quick Tricks that Can Help You Win Any Rummy Game

by alice.olivia11@gmail.com on July 4, 2017

Playing rummy cash games is a challenge and every player wants to win big cash rewards at the end of the game. However, without the right tricks to help you, coming out as a winner becomes a problem. Check out how to play rummy by using given expert tricks-

Make your pure sequence as your life saver
Even though it doesn’t look like a big deal, making the Pure Sequence is the only thing that can bring you closer to the finish line. Even if you have got your remaining hand in place, without a Pure Sequence, you can’t Declare. In the nick of the moment, your opponent just might pick the card you require and declare before you. So, no matter how tempted you are to make your sets, go after your Pure Sequence.

Arrange and rearrange your cards
This is a common mistake that many card players make. Once you have arranged your hand in a particular order, players become reluctant in moving the cards around, disturbing their already arranged sets and sequences. However, that’s the only way you can win the game, fast. Remember, the final aim is to make a valid declaration. Hence, shuffle your cards around and move towards the winning goal.

Get rid of the points load
High value cards like Jack, Queen, King and Ace are a challenge to hold onto. They add to the points load, increase the stress level and in worse case, if you lose, then you are stuck with a lot of points. So, how about getting rid of them at the first chance you get. Other than a pure sequence, you can always replace them with Jokers and wild card. They will get your sets made and also reduce the points.

Avoid picking from discard pile
This should be your last option. When you pick from a discard pile, you are letting your opponent know what card you have and if he is as smart as you, he can make a calculated guess about your hand. The aim is to understand his hand and not reveal your cards. Till you are desperate about that card, avoid picking it up.

Be quick with your calculations
Rummy is a fast game and you need to make your calculations real fast, to make the right moves. Sometimes, cash games and tournaments move real fast and the only way to win the game, is to think on your feet. Play rummy at all times of the day, and you will get an idea of the different types of players that come. The more you are exposed to the game, the shaper you will get at it.

Don’t play when you are stressed or tired
Rummy is played for entertainment, but you still need to play it with dedication and focus. If you are pre occupied or tired, avoid playing cash games. If you still want to enjoy rummy, go for the practice games. You will avoid monetary loss and also enjoy the game.

Keep these simple rummy tricks in mind, before joining a rummy game.

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