Play Rummy and Win Cash on the Go

by on March 30, 2017

Nobody wants to waste time. But quite often, even the busiest of persons are pushed to while away the time in compulsion although they would have otherwise devoted every second of it to do something fruitful. Waiting at airport for an hour or two, getting stuck in a virtually non-moving traffic, meetings committed at different locations back to back etc., can really rob you of your precious time. So, is there any way you can make the time “on the go” productive?

play rummy on the go

Well, you can indeed do it if you are a Indian Rummy player. Not only you will have a relaxed mind but also most importantly you can give yourself a great opportunity of winning real cash. All you need to have is a mobile having RummyCircle app installed on it. By following simple registration process you are introduced to so many Rummy experts with whom you can test your skills at the time of your choice. So, literally you can win a good deal of money in an idle time.

Why RummyCircle:
Now comes the next question. Why should we choose specifically RummyCircle for winning real cash when there are so many other similar online Rummy sites available? The answer is simple. It works in a stunningly fast pace. It is the most secure website in India with more than 5 million registered users. Any site that is user friendly will be preferred above the other sites and that is why RummyCircle is more popular than the rest of the sites.

Is playing for Cash legal:
If you have your reservation about playing a card game and have the confusion of thinking it as gambling, you should know that the Honourable Supreme Court has categorically put an end to that thought by declaring it as just a game of pure skill. Now that your basic apprehension is cleared, you are ready to play the game on the move.

Playing Method:
The cash tournaments that RummyCircle offer are many. Before going for it, you are advised to take part in many free tournaments to gain confidence and momentum. For starting a cash tournament, you need to first deposit some amount in your RummyCircle account. This can be done through net banking, credit card, debit card etc. You can deposit up to Rs. 5,000 which is the permissible maximum limit whereas the minimum amount thus fixed is Rs.25. RummyCircle has enough rummy tutorials to help you learn the game. So, you need not worry about your winning probability that increases as you practice regularly.
Slowly but steadily you can increase the level of your table that you play and thereby you can keep increasing your winning prize. As a rummy player, you have so many variations to try like Pools Rummy, Deals Rummy etc. to win unlimited cash. The amount you win gets credited to your account immediately without much delay. Plus, RummyCircle also gives you enough bonus which stands as a driving force and motivates you to play a lot.
So, next time when you are stuck somewhere on the go, make sure you engage yourself in this wonderful game of Indian Rummy. During free time download rummy in your mobile and have yourself registered. Read the rules properly and carefully before trying out a few free games. When you are on the move somewhere and have time, make sure you utilize it to the maximum by winning real cash.

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