Online Rummy is a Social Game

by on April 2, 2014

Indian rummy, or Paplu, is among the most popular games in India. It is probably, also the most social game ever. So engaging is the game that one can often find people in trains passing time over a game of rummy. Not to mention that heavy duty political discussions are also often held over a game of cards! Lazy afternoons with grandparents are also a perfect time to indulge in a few games of rummy. From hostel dormitories to esteemed clubs, from posh kitty parties to your neighborhood tea stall, the conversation is mostly abuzz with rummy and its strategies.

Online Rummy: Decks of Leisure and Wads of Bonding

While rummy has always been a social game, you may think that its online avatar would isolate you from people. That is far from the truth. Online rummy is as social a game as any. Joining platform means that you can interact with more than 1,00,000 players from across the country. You play against real people and not against a machine, thus making the whole experience  more thrilling! also has many other features like rummy star program, ‘personalized player chat’ and ‘private rummy invitations’ that help maximize player interactions. The name, RummyCircle itself signifies that one can create their very own rummy circle. It’s easy to grow your RummyCircle by inviting your buddies, family members and even interesting people whom you may have met online. Geographical boundaries are now a thing of past as you can enioy a game of cards on RummyCircle from anywhere across India! In today’s fast track lifestyle, when people barely have the opportunity to laze at a friend’s place or  at the local tea stall, 13 card rummy presents an interesting opportunity to connect. is another platform to not just play cards, but meet new people and challenge old friends to a game that you both  love. Another advantage is that everything is highly automated at So, the scope of cheating and human error is low. This means less tiffs and scuffles over petty issues and more friendly and ‘social’ games!

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