My experience with RummyCircle has been amazing so far

by on September 22, 2016

Some people would consider 13 card games or Rummy as just a time pass activity. But for me it’s a highly skilled game where your analytical ability needs to be good. On the plus side, you can make significant amount of money.
Playing rummy online has been a gateway for earning money in my leisure time. It started when I registered at and became a premium member. You can join any Rummy portal. But beware of the fraudulent ones. Thankfully, RummyCircle is one of the few genuine ones.
There are so many benefits of being a premium member on I can access all the tournaments that are conducted weekly. I wasn’t really addicted rummy card games until I started making thousands of rupees per week. What’s wrong with it when your analytical and mathematical skills get polished, and your bank account gets weekly deposits in return?
Best thing about Rummy is that you don’t need to be an expert. There are some pretty basic rules that you need to go through and you’re all set. Then it only depends on your own abilities. Card games are usually about luck but Rummy is different. This is one of many reasons why I prefer Rummy over other card games.
I have tried three different Rummy portals online. Sadly one of them was duping its users. Then I signed up on another Rummy portal. But it didn’t offer any money prize. I read about last year and gave my Rummy passion a third try. I’m glad I joined RummyCircle and didn’t give up.
I had made Rs. 700 by the end of my first week at RummyCircle. Then the numbers kept on growing. I remember in February, I made over Rs. 7,000 in last two weeks. That month had been ecstatic for me.
If you want to play Rummy online, I advise you to learn its rules first. And join if you don’t want to get duped by online Rummy scams. Good luck!

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