How to Win Cash by playing Rummy Online?

by on October 13, 2011

Playing Rummy online is the fastest and the most lucrative stress-buster. You get to leave your worries aside and also win cash prizes. Winning cash in online Rummy 13 card game is now easier than ever before. For those of you who are wondering if it’s safe to play Rummy online , the answer is a resounding YES! Most online Rummy sites have reliable payment partners and your money is held in a secure account. The process of adding Cash to your online games account is fast, simple and easy to follow. Some companies like RummyCircle also offer ‘Cash on Delivery’ wherein if you are wary of adding Cash online, you can order a scratch card to be delivered at your doorstep and you pay after delivery. The withdrawal process for winnings is also extremely advanced these days with winnings being credited to your account by cheque/online transfer (as per your preference).

This year, RummyCircle – India’s largest Rummy site has announced the largest ever Diwali Rummy Tournament with over Rs. 33 Lacs* to be won in Cash prizes! Diwali Rummy Tournament will be conducted in 2 parts with Semi-finals on 28th Oct and Finals on 29th Oct, 2011. This tournament is touted to be the largest gathering of online Rummy players in India with over 25000 seats open for qualification.

The newly launched Points Rummy game on RummyCircle’s multi-player Rummy tables is also a smashing hit with online Rummy players. Points Rummy stands for More Thrill, More Players, More Cash. In this game, none of the players know how much they would win or lose till the end of the game and this is what keeps everyone glued. The winner takes all the Cash in the end. Points Rummy on RummyCircle is also touted to be the fastest Multi-player Rummy game ever created.

Rummy players can also win lakhs in free cash prizes on RummyCircle. Jhatpat Rummy Tournaments are the most popular tournaments which offer upto Rs. 1,00,000 in free Real Cash prizes every month. These tournaments have free entry and are conducted 12 times daily on all weekdays. Players can use the prize money won in Jhatpat tournaments to play Rummy for real Cash on RummyCircle.

Another popular month-long tournament on RummyCircle is the Mega Rummy Tournament. Players can play qualifier rounds throughout the month to qualify for the finals in month-end. The winner of the Mega Rummy prize pockets a cool Rs. 50,000* every month!

RummyCircle also has a program which rewards players for every rupee spent on the site. Players are slotted into one of the 4 premium Rummy clubs – Platinum, Diamond, Gold or Silver based on the Loyalty Points accumulated by them. Each club member enjoys exclusive privileges and gets free entry in exclusive club tournaments throughout the month. Players stand a chance to win upto Rs.3,50,000* in free Club prizes every month!

Apart from it’s standard Rummy tournaments, RummyCircle is famous for it’s generous bonus offers and

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