How to Play Rummy Card Game

by on September 14, 2010

When it comes to playing card games, the prerequisite is that you are aware of the rules and tricks because no one likes to loose a card game or for that matter any game that one plays.

With more and more people playing online card game rummy, it is important to learn how to play rummy so that rummy players can increase their chances of winning rummy games. Although rummy is not the toughest of games but it definitely requires some skills to maximize the number of games you win. Having said that, how to play rummy and win games is not a question that will come to your mind if you learn the below rummy rules and tips:

  • A standard 52 cards pack of cards is used in a rummy game.
  • Each player is dealt with 13 cards.
  • After distributing 13 cards to each player, the next card from the deck is placed face open and starts the discard pile
  • From the remaining cards, a random card is picked that becomes the joker for that particular rummy card game.
  • Printed jokers are usually not used in rummy games.
  • Some players deliberately include printed jokers in their rummy games which increase the chances of getting a joker.

Some Rummy Tips and Tricks:

  • Use Joker Wisely: Dont just fix joker anywhere; avoid using joker in a pure sequence.
  • Opponent’s cards: Keep an eye of opponent’s interest area i.e. cards that could be useful to your opponent.
  • Discard high point cards: Jack, Queen, King and Ace carry they highest points so it is advisable that if you have such cards as your idle cards, discard them first.

The above mentioned rummy tips and tricks are not an answer to the how to play rummy but are answer to how to play rummy efficiently. Also, these tips does not guarantee that you will win but would definitely increase the chances of winning rummy card games.

  • Vamsi

    Rummy is nice. I play on many sites but the best is Games24X7. Best part is so many practice games and tournaments and also a demo.

  • pradip shah

    does Hon.High court order applicable to 21/24 card marriage rummy where in side betting is done on marriage or super marriage?

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