Hidden Rummy Tips to Win Rummy Online

by alice.olivia11@gmail.com on April 5, 2017

Like all things in life, there is no easy route to achievement in rummy card game. However, having a couple of tips could give you an advantage over other players. The following are some rummy tips that will help you play your cards effectively and make you win the game.
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Arrangement of Cards
The first and the foremost online rummy trick is to arrange the cards in your hand in proper sequences and sets. Arranging the cards make it easier for you to play the game and reduces lot of confusion. Moreover, it is recommended to arrange the cards in alternate colors. By doing this you will not get confused when you are discarding a card from your hand.
Reduce Cards with Higher Points
High point cards should be discarded as soon as possible so that you do not give away huge points if your opponent declares before you. However, if the higher cards are easily making pure/impure sequence or sets, after fulfilling mandatory requirements for declaration, then you can avoid them from being discarded.
Keep An Eye On Your Opponent’s Move
Another winning tip for online rummy is to be vigilant and alert while your opponents are making any move. It is suggested to observe what your opponents are discarding and what they are picking, if they are picking from open cards pile.
Be Calculative
It is always best to pick a strong card from open cards pile. Try to pick a card that is lower in value and can be used in more than one ways. Such as 5 of any suit can be used to complete a sequence of 3 & 4 as well as it can be used with 6 & 7.
Plan for the run
The main aim of any player in 13 card game should be to create a pure sequence. Once this is considered, you can move onto the different things. Whereas it is a general practice for most of the players to create a sequence with three cards, the feasibility of creating a sequence with four cards is a choice that is generally overlooked. This could be your Joker in the pack, which could finally help you in winning the game!
Discarding the Cards
It is advisable not to keep an unused card for long, especially a high value card. Try to discard such cards as soon as possible in your game play so that you do not tend to reduce your points for a useless card, when someone else declares before you.

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