Five Strategies for High-Stake Points Rummy Games

by on May 11, 2017

Rummy is one of the most happening games that everyone is playing these days because of the adrenaline rush and the cash rewards the game offers to its players.

Rummy strategy
And High-Stakes rummy involves a lot of money – big rewards, yes, but bigger risks – hence, it is necessary to play it shrewdly. In any game, the best player usually bags the rewards. If you’re only a beginner and the fear of losing big bucks is holding you back from joining the High-Stakes tables, then here are a few strategies that may change your mind.

Understand your limits
You are playing for high-stakes after all and there are risks involved, so check your pocket before choosing a table. There are chances of losing big bucks, so it is important to decide beforehand how much you are ready to risk and not exceed that limit. We advise you just asses your skills and budget before joining a table. Learn how to play rummy carefully before joining any cash rummy tournaments for the safer side.

Know when to quit
Once you are dealt cards, observe them properly. Group them and regroup them, and if you feel that winning this hand is difficult, then fold. You will lose only 20pts here. 20pts are still a lot of points when you are playing on a high-stake table but that is the least you can lose when you are not confident about your cards. At any point in the time, if you think you will be losing lesser points by folding than continuing to play, then quitting is the best available option.

Play with confidence, but avoid over confidence
A player gains confidence with experience, and you definitely need confidence at a rummy table, especially while playing on high-stakes tables. Most of the times, players fold not because they hold bad cards, but they lack confidence, and other times, they get over confident after winning a couple of rounds and increase their betting limit without assessing the cards at hand. Our suggestion – you should be neither overconfident nor hesitant when you are playing on high-stake tables.

Be calculative, count your points
Points rummy is a popular variant of Rummy. As we already know, players lose or win based on the points they hold at the end of the game. Every point matters here! If you are winning, then hope that your opponents are losing by several points. If you are at the losing side, then you should aim to reduce your points as much as possible. You should aim to lose with lesser points because a penny saved is indeed a penny earned when you are at a points rummy table. Go through the rummy rules once, before you start playing, and play Rummy either with your family and friends, or online.

Study your opponents but don’t be easy to read
You should observe your opponents and study patterns so that you won’t be too quick to discard a card that your opponent needs to finish his game. You may want to consider your chances of winning before giving an opponent whatever card he wants. If you think you are not going to win, then work to reduce your points and stall discarding ‘the’ card until the end. And you can do this only by reading your opponents.

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