Five interesting facts of online Rummy:

by on October 23, 2017

The online Rummy is the most happening game in India. Spurred by its ever-rising popularity, many have turned ambitious about this game. But hardly a few have taken up pain researching about the game as to how it has originated or how it has evolved or even for that matter the nature of the cards etc. So, let us now see five interesting facts of Indian Rummy which is generally not known to many players across the country.

Origin of Rummy:
There are so many different theories floating around the origin of Rummy but none seems to be authenticated. While some claim Spain to be the origin, there are valid theories relating it to France, claiming it to be a by-product of French poker. There is another theory which says that the game is derived from the Chinese game called Mahjong. Also, there is a claim that the name Rummy itself is taken from the game called Rum poker which is a type of poker game.

Third most popular card game:
Among all the card games played on earth, the Indian Rummy comes third in terms of popularity after Poker and Teen Patti. If one considers only the games which are played purely through online, then Indian Rummy can be called as the most played game irrespective of age groups and status. The game has moved on from being an exclusive pet of middle class and is now being played by all across length and breadth of India.

Numerous variations:
The beauty of the Rummy game is that it has never been a monotonous one. There are too many variations associated with it. There are around 200 variations to be precise. Some believe that the game was earlier played for the alcohol beverage called Rum with the loser needing to pay for the next round of drinks. Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, 13 cards Rummy, Dummy Rummy, Canasta, etc., are some of the popular variations of Rummy.

Card designs:
Despite playing several times, many of them would not have noticed the slight variations in the look of the cards. Not all jacks and all kings or for that matter all queens look the same. One has to observe them closely to know the difference. The queen of diamonds alone sports a smile while queens of other suits look sad. Each jack has a different hairstyle and only in spades and hearts his moustache can be seen. Also, only King of club and spade will be seen with a sword and the rest of the kings will have weapon on their back.

Evolution of cards:
Previously cards were used to be handmade and have gone through many modifications ever since. Each of the cards were designed beautifully with hands. Bur nowadays the advancement of printing techniques and h8gh quality papers have made it look more beautiful and easily available to play.
The aforesaid facts are least known to people who have interestingly made many Rummy downloads not knowing them just bitten by its attractive nature.

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