Few handy tricks to win Rummy

by alice.olivia11@gmail.com on June 21, 2017

rummy tricks
Rummy has become everyone’s favorite game. Why wouldn’t it? It is both entertaining and rewarding as well. On top of everything, it is very easy to learn. So, playing rummy online has become everyone’s preferred way to kill time these days, and you can also make some extra pocket money. When you play rummy online, it gives you the liberty of playing it anytime and anywhere, and with the best players out there. Here are few handy Rummy tricks to win Rummy while you are at it:
1. Make a sequence first: You must make sequences (at least one pure sequence) and sets out of the 13 cards that you are dealt with to finish a rummy game, and you must do it before the other players do. So, make a sequence as soon as possible. You cannot use your jokers and other sets if you aren’t holding a pure sequence. They would just be dead points without a pure sequence.

2. Reduce your points: Don’t hold on to cards with high points just because you like a suit or you are hopeful that you may get a certain card. Hope is a good thing, but when at a rummy table, it is better to play smart instead of depending on your luck. Even if you lose, it is always better to lose with as less points as possible.

3. Numbers are good: It is usually easier to get cards with numbers than alphabets, so lose the alphabets first. Middle cards are the best according to the best rummy players out there. So, make your sequences and sets using middle cards instead of holding on to the alphabets that burden you by 10 points each.

4. Observe your opponents: Like we mentioned earlier, you must finish the game before your opponents do to win a rummy game. Because of this, it is necessary to observe your opponent’s cards. Then you won’t be too quick in discarding a card that your opponent may want to finish the game and win your money. So, keep your eyes open and on your opponents.

5. Don’t play too many games at the same table: Like you are watching your opponents, they might be keeping an eye on you as well. If they were, then it becomes easy to read your moves. To avoid such things, change the table you play at after few games. It’s more fun to play it with different people. You may learn a thing or two from them, you never know.

6. Use joker smartly: Jokers can save the day when you at a rummy table. Just one sequence and enough number of jokers, you can win the most difficult games. So, use the jokers that are dealt to you smartly.

7. Rearrange and reconsider: Sometimes we can win a game just by rearranging the cards that we are dealt with. We can at least reduce your points considerably by rearranging them. It is no good to wait for a card for too long, rearranging and reconsidering our strategies is a good strategy most of the times.

8. Download rummy app to play and learn rummy anytime anywhere.

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