Dominate the game of Rummy with these rules

by on April 27, 2017

The game of online Rummy is no rocket science if you have mastered the rules thoroughly without even a slightest of ambiguity.
dominate rummy with rummy rules

Once you are sure of the rules, you can start dominating your opponents, duly aided by the experience that you have gained in. The rule are rules of course for everyone but what differentiates you from the rest is how you use them to your advantage. You will be surprised to know that the very same rules which, you feel, are introduced in a game not to give us easy victories, are the ones with which you can turn the tables in your favour provided if you are smart enough to do that.

Aware of the points of each card:
Each of the cards is given a specific point as value. You should be aware of it. In Rummy, you are expected to hold the cards with least number of points at your end so that you are not burdened with more points when your opponent declares the game. So, as a Rummy player, you can use this rule to decide smartly which of the cards you can hold and which of them you can discard. It is always better to hold low value cards particularly when you are up against a bad Rummy.

Know when to drop:
When you are pitted with the cards with virtually nil hope of forming a set/sequence and nothing looks like working out for you what can you do? There is an option in the game wherein you can drop the game immediately so that you do not stand eliminated. You can either drop very early in your first turn itself or you can also drop somewhere in the middle. This will save you from being beaten badly. Therefore, know this rule and smartly decide the right time to drop and come out unscathed. You will find a better sequence probably in your next game. After all the 13 card game is not just about winning. On the other hand, your ability to manage losses makes you a better player.

Judicious usage of joker:
The art of using joker is another thing which you need to be acquainted with. A joker is nothing but a wild card which is used to form sequences/sets when the players are desperately in need of a specific card. It can either be a printed card or any card randomly picked up to play the role. If the random card so picked turns out to be a printed joker itself, then the ACE of all suites will play the role of a joker. Any player who is aware of the rules of the joker will know that it should not be wasted to form a pure sequence and it can be better used to form the high value cards instead. You can also rub salt to your opponents’ wounds by discarding cards closer to joker as the chances of the same being used by your opponent is very less.

Knowing priorities:
As a Rummy player, you should know what your priority is. When you are forming a set, please note that you are forming a pure sequence first before concentrating on the rest of the sequences. This way you can ensure that you are dealt with lesser number of points at the end of the game. Always remember that forming pure sequence is mandatory without which your Rummy will be invalid.

Selection of cards to pick:
There are certain cards which are called smart cards. The nature of such cards is that if offers more than one option to form a sequence. For example, 5 of any suit can be used to form a sequence either alongside 3 and 4 or 6 and 7. Also, since these cards are of lower value, you get limited points in your hand as well.

Knowing these rummy rules does not guarantee you victory all the time. But what it does is that it gives you enough confidence to play the game as you are assured of not facing ignominy even when you stand losing any game. Success is not out of reach for you anymore.

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