Calculating odds in Indian Rummy

by on January 31, 2011

Calculating Odds in a Rummy GamesAs soon as you start playing any game your mind starts calculating the odds to win that game. It could be a game or any project, or any task for that matter, your mind consciously or subconsciously wants to know the odds of winning that game or finishing the project on time and success rate. It is the basic human nature that one wants to win in each and everything they come across. It could be a friendly conversation, a who knows who talk, who has seen which city, who’s daddy is strongest, who made most runs in cricket, who has more coins or stamps or who scores more points while playing card games.

In this unpredictable world, with competition galore, things happen so quickly that you don’t even get a second chance how does one move ahead? The answer is lies in your strategy. If you are able to strategist well, you can counter all difficulties and obstacles. This is a general phenomenon and central to life itself.

But, when it comes to playing card games, specially a skill game like rummy where one has to be on his toes to win the games, calculating the odds to win a game become really important. Having said that, the next question arises that is it that easy to quickly calculate the win/loss chances in a rummy game? I think the answer would be no as the beauty of a rummy game is the uncertainty and uniqueness it provides. Rummy is not like poker where if a player has pocket aces, the chances of that player winning a game are more than 80%. In a two players rummy game, 26 cards are distributed and calculating the odds, analyzing and predicting the chances is a difficult job.

So how does one goes about calculating the odds in a Rummy Card Game?

As mentioned earlier, it is really difficult to predict the odds in percentages like poker but here are a couple of things based on which you can calculate that what chances do you have to win that game of rummy.

  • Joker: A typical 13 card game is played with a single pack of cards and a card is randomly picked that becomes the joker for that particular game. A joker can be used as any card and which really helps in preparing your sets and sequences. A joker is just like a trump card that helps you either score or win any game. Having said that, if you get a joker, you should really go about playing that game seriously as a joker can help you a lot in making sequences and sets and it drastically increases your chances of winning a game.
  • Already made sequences: Many a times you get cards that you just have to arrange and not wait for other cards to complete sequence or set i.e. you get already made sequences and/or sets. You should also feel a little lucky here as your chances of winning this game would definitely increase. To win a typical 13 cards rummy game, one has to make 4 sequences and/or sets and if you get two sequences/sets already made in the first thirteen cards, your odds of winning that game are high. So, the next time if you get already made sequences/sets, you should definitely go ahead and play for the kill.
  • Cards closer to joker: Suppose the 7 of hearts turn out to be the joker for that game and you receive 6 and 8 or hearts so these cards are not very useful to you and if you think you are in such a situation, the odds of you winning this rummy game are really less. Either you should get more 6 and 8s to make a set instead of a sequence or discard these useless cards.
  • Closeness of cards: If you get close cards i.e. 6 and 7 of clubs and Jack and Queen of diamonds then your odds are high because these are good cards as the chances that you get a connecting card i.e. 5 or 8 of clubs and ten or king of diamonds are fairly high. It is not as if you have 3 and 5 of a suit and you are waiting for a 4 so you only have one option that is of 4 but in the earlier case, you have a chance of getting a card from higher or lower rank which will help you to complete the sequence. If you get close cards, your odds of getting the connected cards as well as winning the game are fairly high.
  • High points cards: This is not directly related to calculating odds of winning a game but if you don’t have good cards (close or connecting) but you have less point cards, so even if you loose the game, you will not get very high points. If you are able to calculate the range of points that you would get after loosing the game, you can focus on discarding the high point cards. This way, if you are playing a series of games, you can minimize the points/loss in this particular game and can play better in the next game.

If you have just started to play rummy, you might not be able to calculate your odds of winning a rummy game easily but when you play more and more rummy games, you would be able to calculate the odds of winning a game quickly and you can decide your strategy accordingly. Remember, there is no single strategy that will help you lead, in fact it would be a mix of the above points that will help you decide and move ahead. If you want some specific rummy tips, these rummy tricks can also help you play rummy better and win more games.

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