6 Tricks That Are Absolutely Critical to Play the Rummy Game

by alice.olivia11@gmail.com on June 2, 2017

Rummy is one of the most played online games these days. Why wouldn’t it be? It offers both entertainment and cash benefits to its players, and these are the reasons behind its growing popularity. Playing rummy for cash, or any game for that matter, is not an easy decision to make. There are uncertainties that hold us back most of the times – uncertainty involved with transacting online, uncertainty involved with winning etc. However, if you learn how to play rummy and have a strategy up your sleeve ready then you need not worry about losing ever and Rummy may just become your favourite game. We have listed few tricks that may help you from winning critical rummy games:

1. Getting a straight run must always be our priority. You must first concentrate on making two sequences, and everything else comes after that. So, the first thing that you do right after being dealt cards is group them and then arrange them. It is easier to concentrate on getting straight runs when the cards are grouped.
2. You must constantly observe the cards that are on the table, the cards that you discard and the cards your opponent discard/pick up. It is important to know what cards they may want because you don’t want to lose all the cards you are holding that they may require to complete and declare.
3. Constantly reevaluating the cards that we hold and rearranging them, to reduce our points and to increase our chances of winning, is the key to victory while playing Rummy. There’s no point in holding high cards. You must understand that Rummy is about losing all your points. Getting rid of high cards as quickly as possible is the smartest thing to do.
4. Jokers are no joke when you are playing Rummy. They make winning easier. A single run and enough number of jokers can lead you to victory. Among rummy players, it is well known that a player who understands the power of Jokers and use them efficiently wins most of the times.
5. There are some rummy rules that you must follow while playing Rummy. Here’s one – Don’t wait forever for a card. Don’t get attached to a suit, especially when there are cards with higher points. Like we already mentioned, getting rid of such cards to reduce points should ideally be the objective of any rummy player.
6. We suggest you don’t play too many games on the same table. Like you are observing your opponents, we are sure even they are keeping a close eye on you. When you have been on a table for a very long time, you become easy to read. We also suggest you socialize as less as possible. It will help when you want your opponents to discard the cards you may want to win the game.

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