10 Quick Rummy Tips to Make You a Rummy Master

by alice.olivia11@gmail.com on February 23, 2017

Want to improve your 13 card game, well just go through these ten quick rummy tips and become a rummy master in no time. But before we start off, one of the most essential things to remember in rummy is patience and focus on the game. To improve your rummy skills, you need to keep on practicing just as you do for any other game or work. Here are the 10 rummy tips that you should practice and add to your game play today.How to play rummy

1. Make your pure sequence first: Yes, this is the most important. Most players think that they have time to create this hand, but at the end this is the hand that acts like a hindrance in declaring before others. So, get your pure sequence out of the way and then make the remaining sets and hands.
2. Be observant about your opponent’s moves: Just focusing on your cards will not make you win the game. You need to observe what cards the other players are picking up and what cards they are discarding. This will help you retain the right card and win the game.
3. Get rid of higher point cards: Higher point cards always act as a burden. So, just in case another player declares before you, your deadwood points will be reduced.
4. Run can have more than 3 cards: Did you know that your sequences and sets can have more than 3 cards. Yes, most players don’t know this fact and are unable to make the best use of the cards.
5. Pick the smart cards: There’re smart cards in the rummy deck. Keep an eye for such cards. For example, 7 of any suit can be clubbed together with a 5 and 6 or even 8 and 9 cards. They are not high in value and helps you complete your sets quickly.
6. Using Jokers: Having Joker in your hand always gives you an edge over the remaining players. It is however important to use the Joker correctly when making your sequences and sets. Try to use the Joker to complete a sequence or set of higher points value. Also, avoid using the Joker card in a natural run.
7. Endless wait: One of the things that always restricts the players is waiting for particular card to complete the set. Keep continuously looking at your cards and shuffling them around to make your sets and sequences. If you just leave them idle and keep on waiting for another card to close the game, then the probability of losing the game increases.
8. Arranging the cards: Even with online rummy, arranging the cards are important. Try to place them in alternate colours. This helps avoid confusion when picking or discarding cards.
9. Don’t retain cards for long: You need to keep discarding the cards that you’re not using. Holding on to cards, especially high points value is not a good idea.
10. Confuse your opponent: Just like you are observing his moves, your opponent is also doing the same thing for you. So, try to confuse the player by discarding a card that you may have two of and could be a part of the sequence.
Practice these quick rummy tips and improve your game play fast.

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