Rummycircle Reviews by rummy player

Cards have never been my cup of tea. I never got the concept of colours and suites. So I always used to shut myself during the family gatherings whenever a game of cards was brought in the limelight. It was too much to take sometimes. I became shy. So I decided to learn some tricks of the game if not the whole of it.

Rummy Player – Rummycircle Review

RummyCircle was the first name I came across the moment I started exploring the dimensions of card games. I preferred online card games because of two reasons, first was, nobody could know about my secret mission for which I was preparing myself and second was no need of other literal players who would sit and talk about their moves and strategies, not real but humorous ones, which I was unable to get and it always made me feel like a nincompoop.

I remember how one of my friends told me about RummyCircle and I logged on it to register my name and proceed with the brushing up session. I didn’t take that decision because I knew only RummyCircle back then, rather it was a well thought and conscience decision which I took after going through each and every RummyCircle reviews.

It was quite a task for me for the first 30 minutes but the demo videos cleared all my doubts and within a week, I was ready for the ultimate battle. I couldn’t brace my aces and unleashed them all during last Diwali and left everyone with their jaws dropped. I got the title of Chuupa-Rustam that night.

I didn’t tell anyone till date how I won on every table that day because the magician never reveals his secret right? Today my relatives never play without the joker. That’s me by the way. RummyCircle helped me to come out of my shell and mix with people. People call me har mehfil ki jaan, who makes the gathering worthwhile. Not bragging about myself but quoting the facts you see.

Thank you so much RummyCircle, I owe you a lot.